When residents and their guests park on the sidewalk or outside of the designated cutouts for parking, it presents three problems:

  • Residents and their children and pets must cross into the street and face danger from neighborhood traffic.
  • Emergency vehicles such as fire trucks cannot maneuver throughout the neighborhood (this has actually happened already and is very dangerous).
  • It makes the neighborhood look disorderly and unattractive.

Read the recent notice regarding parking.

Lawn Maintenance

Second only to parking, lawn maintenance is a primary concern of many residents. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the appearance of their lots as governed in Covenants 11 and 21.


The Board has a lawn monitoring program. If, in the opinion of the Board of Directors or its specified committee, a member’s lot has fallen into disrepair or is unsightly in appearance, the Board or its committee shall:

1. Contact the owner by mail/telephone/visit asking that the problem be corrected.
2. If no action has been taken to resolve the problem within 14 days or if the problem reoccurs, the designated committee shall send a notice that the problem be resolved to the Board’s satisfaction within 10 days or the Association will take remedial action, including reasonable costs to correct the problem. These costs will be charged to the owner and added to the lot’s yearly assessment.

Remedial action may include notifying the ACC Community Protection Division and/or referring the problem to the association's attorney.


We also plan to compliment owners with particularly attractive lawns and hopefully develop a recognition program. See Notices

The following individuals and companies are recommended by your neighbors:
  • George David 706-340-0897
  • Ted Horsley 706-227-1479
  • College Pro 706-543-8575
  • LMA, Inc. 706-353-2449
  • Lawn Rangers 706-207-5542
  • Tru-Green 678-714-7900

Trash Cans

When you leave your big trash can out on the sidewalk it not only looks "trashy" but blocks the sidewalk! Please be a good neighbor and bring it in when you get home in the evening.

It is Athens-Clarke County law to bring your trash can in within 24 hours of pickup. It is covenants regulation to have it behind the front corner of your house. People have been cited by the unified government already.


It is against the law for your pet to wander throughout the neighborhood unattended or off a leash. Loose pets not only frighten small children and provoke other pets, but can be hit and possibly killed in the street. Please show more respect for your neighbors' and your animals' safety. Loose dogs will be reported to animal control (this has already happened as well)